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Women Ski Pants

Women Ski Pants

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Strobe Ski Pants for women - Sustainable, Comfortable & Stylish

Are you looking for a pair of new ski pants? Look no further! Discover and explore our range of colourful, comfortable and sustainable ski pants for women! Whether you are looking for ski trousers with a tight or loose fit - we have you covered! We offer five different ski pants for women in a lot of different colours and sizes - making it easy for you to find your perfect fit! 

Why should you buy Women’s Ski Pants from Strobe?

Sustainable Ski Pants for Women

We always prioritize recycled and/or organic materials for all of our winter pants for women. We put a lot of energy into making our ski wear and our focus is to create ski pants that are durable and hold over time. With sustainable materials, clean design & colours that work over seasons you’ll be sure to buy a pair of ski pants that can be used season after season.

Ski pants in bigger and smaller sizes  - find your perfect fit and be comfortable!

We believe it is important to be comfortable when skiing and we know how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of ski pants. We offer five different types of ski pants for women with different designs and our sizes range from XS to 3XL. The majority of our ski pants can be adjusted in the waist which also makes it easier to adjust the pants for your personal perfect fit! 

Snow Pants with a functional design, smart features & outstanding material

We love functional design and smart features and we always have this in mind when creating our ski pants. You’ll find detachable braces, smart leg vents, reinforced waist closure, snow locks, smart pockets and adjustable waists among some of our features. With warming poly tricot lining on knees and seat - we’ve also made sitting down more comfortable and warmer. Our ski pants are both waterproof and have great breathability ranging from 10K-20K - depending on your needs! Do you need further guidance? Have a look in our complete guide for buying ski pants or contact us - We are always happy to help! 

Colourful ski pants and a large assortment of different styles

We love colour and we love clean designs. In our big assortment of ski pants you’ll find 18 different colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for insulated ski pants, ski bibs for women or lighter shell pants - you’ll find it in our assortment! 

Don’t forget to combine your ski pants with a ski jacket in the same colour for a coordinated look! See our full assortment of ski jackets for women and find your favourite!